Executive Coaching

How do the best keep getting better?  They have coaches in their corner who bring out their best performance.

Who is helping you?

It all starts with a simple conversation

There are 4 phases to my coaching:
Phase 1: A friendly conversation exploring working together.
Phase 2: Time of preparing for the coaching relationship including reading assignments, taking the Birkman®
assessment, and answering some questions.
Phase 3: Initial coaching conversation – customized to your needs and location.
Phase 4: Coaching follow up calls every 2-3 weeks, helping you apply what you have learned. We openly
discuss your progress and make adjustments as needed so that we meet our objectives.

“Dr. Baxter’s coaching applies the right pressure to get you unstuck!”


Your Professional Development
Key objective: Design coaching conversations that bring out your best performance to give you the
edge in leadership.

Examples of the conversations we may have:
• Improving your strategic relationships (what makes them tick and how to bring out their best).
• Vision development and implementation (Corporate & Career)
• Leadership skill development (vision, decision making, communication, mentoring).
• Decision making, problem solving, transition coaching, recovery from mistakes.
• 360 evaluation of your performance as a leader.
• Professional development plan (quarterly/annually).

Your Personal Development
Key objective: Design coaching conversations that help you lead well on the home front and in your personal life.

Examples of the Type of Conversations we may have:
• Self leadership strategies and accountability for growth.
• Improving in the 5 areas of self leadership (habits, health, relationships, time, money).
• Living in harmony with your hard wiring (strengths, 11 motivational needs, key stressors).
• Strategies for living & finishing well (goal setting, progress reports, performance evaluation).
• Improving key personal relationships (spouse, kids, family, friendships).
• Coaching through life transitions.
• Strengthening of your personal faith.

Assessments for potential hires & transition coaching (their strengths, needs, stressors, where they fit best).
• Leadership training presentations/workshops.
• Strategic planning for entrepreneurs, small business, non profits.
Executive Team Development and Culture Change Training: Each year I take
on 2-3 companies and provide one on one coaching and training for the
leaders of the company. They lead better and improve their ability to work
like a high performance team. Ever figure up how much the leadership
inefficiencies are costing your company each year?
360 Executive Performance Evaluation: Let me survey up to 20 people who
are familiar with your leadership. We will test you on 9 leadership
competencies and then together identify where you need to be coached up.
3 month process. Takes courage to face the facts but how else are you going
to get better?

• Assessments and coaching for family members of clients.
• How to better understand your spouse & children.
• Best career options for students (selecting college majors).
• Strategic planning for leaving a legacy.


Contact us if you’re interested in Executive Coaching.

Nathan has all the necessary tools and experience to meet you where you are, to speak your language quickly and, in a disciplined manner, guide you towards your objectives.

Doug Welsh, President, Strategic Sales Planning, Cincinnati, Ohio

The depth of Dr Baxter’s coaching has truly exceeded my expectations. I love being surprised when I receive more that I bargained for. Especially because I have a high level of expectation in all areas of life. Thank you Dr. Baxter!

Stacy James, National Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Edmond, OK

I had reached a point of frustration in not knowing the next step in my personal leadership development and he helped me bridge that frustration gap and send me on my way into the next season of my journey. Each session and contact was like connecting with a friend.

Jim Kuykendall, Lead Pastor of Operations, Cross Timbers Community Church


Dr. Baxter cares genuinely about helping people. He does what it takes to help folks understand and use the tools to find their way. As a result I have more focus in my life.
The tools he uses and the approach he takes are better than many other similar consultants.

Randy Welsch, Leader of several companies
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nathan knows what he is doing and does it well.
He has good insight and recommends realistic behaviors to improve performance.

John Urbin, Business Unit Manager, Linde Process Plants, Inc.

Dr. Baxter’s coaching has allowed me to take my strengths, understand them and ultimately begin to incorporate them into my ever changing role as CEO.  Working with Dr. Baxter is worth the investment because we have seen results in effectiveness in communication, efficiency in decision making.

Ron Decker, CEO. Innovative Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Edmond, Oklahoma

MK group

I can see significant evidence of my personal growth since working with him. For a person who genuinely wants to change and grow, Dr. Baxter is a great coach. He has the wisdom, experience and tools to help you.

Gary Judd, Associate Pastor. Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

Nathan has a gift of understanding people and helping them realize their potential.

David Fletcher, Pastor, Professor, The Chapel of Akron, XPastor.org

After being in business for 30 years, I actually learned NEW things about myself and new “techniques” for problem solving. This opened up a whole new thought process.

Trisha Lane, National Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics, San Diego, CA



Clients, Work Experience, & References
The following is a sample of leaders who are/have been clients or who are very familiar with my work.

Corporate Leaders
Bob Skaggs, Northwestern Mutual Insurance Agency, Tulsa OK.
Stephen Frank, Owner/President, OND Financial Services, Tulsa OK.
Dustin Parker, President, Box Insurance Agency, Grapevine TX.
Aaron Shelby, Executive Vice President, Legacy Texas Bank, Plano TX.
Paul Fredette, President, Legacy Texas Insurance Services, Plano TX.
Brandt Hamby, Managing Partner, Six Pillars Partners, Addison TX.
Chris Cadeiux, Board Member, QuikTrip, Tulsa OK.
Chuck McDaniel, President, Lockton Insurance, Denver CO.
Drew Files, Owner/President, Files & Associates, Tulsa OK.
Dwight Mankin, President, NCN, Dallas TX.
James Brock, President, Ameriprise – Jim Brock & Associates, Tulsa OK.
Ron Key, Vice President, Linde Gas Processing Plants, LLC, Tulsa OK.
Mike Greer, Owner/Director, Ironman Buffalo Springs Lake, Lubbock TX.
Mike Loomis, Owner, Loomis Consulting, Winter Park CO.
Ron Decker, Founder/President, Innovative Health Care Systems, Edmond OK.
Ronnie Dunn, Client Partner, MicroStrategy, Dallas TX.
Sam Rader, Owner, Coldwell Banker Select, Tulsa OK.
Sean Kouplen, President, Regent Bank, Tulsa OK.
Kevin Jordan, CEO, Black Gold Group, Tulsa OK
Cassidy Phillips, CEO, TriggerPoint, Austin TX
Hank Coleman, President, TriggerPoint, Austin TX
Dan Peckenpaugh, MD, President, HEB Emergicare, P.A, Dallas/Ft Worth TX
Ron Kenagy, MD, Senior Vice President, St. John Health Network, Tulsa OK
Tom Ellis, Vice President/Partner, MHBT (Commercial Insurance), Dallas, TX
32 National Sales Directors, 25 Top Sales Directors, Mary Kay Cosmetics (list available)

Non Profit Organizations
John Sharp, Regional Director, Young Life, Tulsa OK
Dave Jewitt, Founder/Director, Your One Degree, Tulsa OK.
Adam Donyes, Founder/Director, LinkYear Kanakuk, Branson MO.
Dr. David Fletcher, Founder/Director, Xpastor.org, Fullerton CA.
Chris King, Founder, GPS Tulsa, Tulsa OK.
Dr Scott Barfoot, Director of DMIN studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas TX.
Eric Hill, Founder/Director, Withyou, Atlanta GA.
Jeff Anderson, Founder, Acceptable Gift, Tulsa OK.

Ministry Leaders
Micah Davidson, Lead Pastor, Real Life Fellowship, Corpus Christi/Austin TX.
Toby Slough, Lead Pastor, Crosstimbers Church, Argyle TX.
Daniel Rolfe, Lead Pastor, Mountain Springs Church, Colorado Springs CO.
Dwight Yoder, Executive Pastor, Asbury Methodist Church, Tulsa OK.
Eric Bryan, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Tulsa OK.
Fred Neal, Executive Pastor, Harvest Community Church, Kittanning PA.
Marc Evanger, Elder, Crossroads Bible Church, Bellevue WA.
Keith Duff, Elder, Village Bible Church, Chicago IL.
Matt Roberson, Campus Pastor, The Met, Houston TX.
Rob Curry, Executive Pastor, Cypress Bible Church, Cypress TX.
Terry Langenberg, Executive Pastor, New Beginnings Church, Bixby OK.
Thomas Thompson, Lead Pastor, Pulpit Rock Church, Colorado Springs CO.
Tom Messer, Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville FL.

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