When was the last time you had a 360?


Executives are not immune from the need to have their performance evaluated for effectiveness.  As part of my initial interview where I determine a leaders “readiness ” for coaching, I usually ask “when was the last time you had a 360?”  You should see some of the looks I get sometimes.  Hilarious.

As a professional in the business of helping leaders be more effective, a 360 performance evaluation is similar to a physical.  No one really likes to be probed, evaluated, examined, but we know the wisdom in preventive health care.  It is just something we do.

Leaders at the top need to be evaluated and the 360 tool is a great way to start a process of getting better.  I have chosen to use the Birkman® 360 product in my coaching practice because I think it is the best and most powerful.   We are able to accurately measure 9 leadership competencies by gathering anonymous feedback from up to 20 people that are most familiar with the work of the leader.  The best part is that we have each client evaluate themselves so that we can compare their view to the view of others.

Once we have the results back we go to work on a customized coaching plan that is developed from the data.  Check out the 9 leadership competencies below.  How do you think you are doing on each of them?  How would you like to really know?

  1. Ensuring Long Term Results:   Your ability to bring leadership expertise needed in your field, the organization, and the people you serve as it relates to the strategic thinking process.
  2. Leading Others: Your ability to define, communicate, and inspire others with your vision of the future.
  3. Building Strong Teams: Your ability to help the members of your organization translate strategic goals and initiatives into specific responsibilities and priorities.
  4. Managing Outcomes:  Your ability to establish measurable outcomes and create systems for monitoring progress toward them.
  5. Delegating to Others: Your readiness to explain expectations, provide appropriate resources, and assist with regular and unscheduled coaching and leadership.
  6. Developing Others: Your ability to build the underlying strength and continuity of the organization by recognizing potential and developing it through attention to training, coaching, and evaluation of performance.
  7. Making Decisions: Your ability to stay strategic, results-oriented, and productive and still do justice to the complexity of issues and the views of others.
  8. Dealing with Conflicting Ideas: Your ability to speak out in the face of opposition, acknowledge conflict, and work openly toward strategically aligned solutions.
  9. Personal and Professional Growth: Your ability to solicit and act on constructive feedback, challenge yourself with tough assignments, and demonstrate resilience and courage in the face of setbacks and opposition.

If you want to be a great leader then you must continue to grow as a leader.  A 360 leadership performance evaluation is a great way of knowing where you need some work.


Let me know if it is your turn.


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