The Gift of the Dream

Do people call you a dreamer?  or do you lean more towards the practical?  I spend a great deal of time asking people those 2 questions and I absolutely enjoy exploring their thoughts behind their answers.  I used to think that dreamers were strange and never really had what it took to be reliable and successful.  People who tend to always be talking about the future used to make me uncomfortable.  Somewhere along my journey I have become a genuine dream enthusiasts.  Dreamers have now become my heroes and I cherish the opportunity to read about how they worked hard to continue to move their stories forward toward their dreams.

If we were to get technical, dreams are the results of our ability as human beings to imagine what is not there as if it were there.  IN other words, the only place the dream exists is in our minds and for some of us we don’t have very much room to spare.  Here is a challenging thought for you, what would our world be like if no one had the ability to dream big dreams or the nay sayers had the power at least to squelch all dreams before someone found the courage to chase their dreams.  Personally, I think life would be rather boring.

Are you a dreamer?  I think you are but you may need a little encouragement or repair in your thinking to give yourself permission to dream big dreams.  Mary Kay Ash is probably the most successful dreamer I have had the opportunity to be around (never in a one on one setting but always from a distance).  She was the perfect model of balancing the courage to dream big dreams and the discipline required to pursue big dreams.

I am working on the following coaching sessions and I can’t wait to share them with you:  Get to know the giver of dreams, how to open your dreams, steps to believing your dreams.

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