Some Tips for Finishing Well

Finish-lineMost of us want to finish well; however, that doesn’t happen by accident. To finish well, you have to take responsibility and have a plan for finishing well. I know you want to finish well, but do you have a plan to finish well. Part of the plan requires self-evaluation.

First you have to take time to pull away–remove yourself from distractions and really focus on your life. Evaluate where you’ve been and where you are going. Take the time to reflect on your life and make corrections if necessary.

The second thing is you need a series of questions that you are working on. So let me share some of those questions with you now:

  • What does it really mean for me to finish well? This is a question I have been working on for about 20 years and I like to come back on a regular basis and find my answers.
  • What has to really change in order for me to finish well? There are some things that I know in my life are some things in my life that are bad habits or bad thinking and I’ve got to change that. So, I like to list out those changes or things that I am working on in order for me to move forward.
  • What problem do I need to solve for me to finish well? Sometimes there’s obstacles in the way that keep impeding my progress and I need to really identify them so that I can really focus this next year and break those problems and solve them so that I can move forward.

Here are 3 great questions from author Charlotte Roberts to ask yourself during your self evaluation:

  • If I got what I wanted what would it give me?
  • Is it something I really want? What is it that I really want? Do I still want it?
  • Would I take it right now?

None of us have time to get away, but try to find the time every week to pull away and get perspective. Work on YOUR plan to finish well.

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