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LSLO Leadership Development Program for Physicians

offered by Dr. Nathan Baxter, Lead Self Lead Others

Description:  LSLO Leadership Development Program is a 3 month learning experience for Physicians to help them strengthen their ability to lead themselves well resulting in more effective patient care.

Methodology:  Dr. Baxter uses a combination of Birkman®Abilities Inventory, discovery questions, coaching conversations, and customized developmental exercises to achieve his objectives for his clients.

Common focus areas of development:

  • Communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Self leadership skills
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Work / life balance

Confidentiality:  All coaching conversations are confidential.  Any reporting to others is done with the full agreement of the client.

Duration:  3 months.

Scheduling: Flexible so that disruption to patient care is minimized.

Process:  Individual coaching with Dr. Baxter

  • Interview for candidacy and acceptance
  • Birkman® assessment, exploratory questions
  • Initial 2 hour coaching session followed with 1 hour coaching sessions every other week.

Phase 1:  Discovery and Analysis (1-2 coaching sessions)

  • Identification of natural leadership strengths, motivational needs, and stress triggers.
  • Discovery of personal and professional development opportunities.
  • Overview of career path and understanding of current station in life.
  • Discussion about personal and professional goals and objectives.
  • Creation of a strategic development plan

Phase 2:  Coaching for Leadership Development  (coaching sessions every 2-3 weeks until complete)

  • Creation and use of a Critical Focus List
  • Updates on strategic goals
  • Professional development (Leadership skills)
  • Ongoing discussion of critical leadership issues / decisions

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Clients, Work Experience, & References
The following is a sample of leaders who are/have been clients or who are very familiar with my work.

Bob Skaggs, Northwestern Mutual Insurance Agency, Tulsa OK.
Stephen Frank, Owner/President, OND Financial Services, Tulsa OK.
Dustin Parker, President, Box Insurance Agency, Grapevine TX.
Aaron Shelby, Executive Vice President, Legacy Texas Bank, Plano TX.
Paul Fredette, President, Legacy Texas Insurance Services, Plano TX.
Brandt Hamby, Managing Partner, Six Pillars Partners, Addison TX.
Chris Cadeiux, Board Member, QuikTrip, Tulsa OK.
Chuck McDaniel, President, Lockton Insurance, Denver CO.
Drew Files, Owner/President, Files & Associates, Tulsa OK.
Dwight Mankin, President, NCN, Dallas TX.
James Brock, President, Ameriprise – Jim Brock & Associates, Tulsa OK.
Ron Key, Vice President, Linde Gas Processing Plants, LLC, Tulsa OK.
Mike Greer, Owner/Director, Ironman Buffalo Springs Lake, Lubbock TX.
Mike Loomis, Owner, Loomis Consulting, Winter Park CO.
Ron Decker, Founder/President, Innovative Health Care Systems, Edmond OK.
Ronnie Dunn, Client Partner, MicroStrategy, Dallas TX.
Sam Rader, Owner, Coldwell Banker Select, Tulsa OK.
Sean Kouplen, President, Regent Bank, Tulsa OK.
Kevin Jordan, CEO, Black Gold Group, Tulsa OK
Cassidy Phillips, CEO, TriggerPoint, Austin TX
Hank Coleman, President, TriggerPoint, Austin TX
Dan Peckenpaugh, MD, President, HEB Emergicare, P.A, Dallas/Ft Worth TX
Rob Kenagy, MD, Senior Vice President, St. John Health Network, Tulsa OK
Tom Ellis, Vice President/Partner, MHBT (Commercial Insurance), Dallas, TX

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