Our Certified Coaches

Dr. Nathan Baxter

My purpose is to help you continually become more successful in all areas of your life.
Although I am able to work with just about anyone, I specialize in working with executives and influential leaders.
It all starts with a simple conversation

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Kathy Key

image1Kathy enthusiastically coaches clients to move their life and leadership forward and unlock maximum potential, while valuing the individual’s talents, giftings and abilities uniquely created by God.

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Dr. Rod MacIlvaine

Rod loves helping people clarify, 1) who they are, 2) where they want to go, and 3) how to get there as efficiently as possible. He’s also skilled at coaching people to lead with exceptional skill once they arrive.


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Sharon Mankin

Sharon has spent three decades helping people discover their strengths, embrace their story, and move toward their potential. Her greatest joy is helping people grow and thrive as they move their stories forward with greater intention.


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Julie Miles


Julie knows first hand the value of Leadership Coaching. A friend for over 35 years, Dr. Nathan Baxter, suggested that she be coached by one of the LSLO coaches. Going through the LSLO coaching program changed Julie’s life. Julie discovered that life changes can propel us to look for and move toward a more purposeful life in any situation.


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Lori Riner

Lori has been a professional life coach for 11 years. She brings strengths and insights to her coaching gained from a diverse work, educational, and ministry background. She has strong business experience from 15 years in the health care industry, working in sales, marketing, development, and training.


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