Lead Self Lead Others Services

Executive Coaching with Dr. Nathan Baxter

Executive coaching is an intentional relationship between a client and a coach who specializes in helping executives continually become more effective in their leadership including both in their personal life as well as in their professional life.  All coaching plans are unique and customized.


Leadership Coaching with a Certified LSLO Coach

We have a staff of 8 certified coaches that work with anyone who desires to become more focused and more intentional with their lives.  It all starts with a discovery conversation to help us understand the unique needs of our clients.  Once we gather the information we need, our team works to create a custom coaching plan that identifies the specific objectives we aim for in the coaching relationship.


Corporate Culture and Leadership Development Consulting

Companies are nothing more than a collection of people who are trying to advance the mission of the organization.  We are able to assess the strength of workplace for those employees and then design a process of improving culture and developing the leaders who will need to lead the effort.  We are able to offer a wide array of tools and resources including assessments, company wide surveys, internal messaging strategies, performance evaluation systems and training, and leadership development programs.


If you have questions or are interested in any of these offerings, please contact us at office@leadselfleadothers.com.

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