A Vision Calling Me To Inconvenience

Inconvenience has become a focus word for me in the self leadership department.  I have a ton of ideas and most of them are brilliant.  The problem is that most of them don’t work AND/OR I don’t have the emotional capacity to actually follow through once the idea is launched.  (welcome to the world of competitive entrepreneurship).

Those of you who follow me know that clarity of vision is central to my coaching. However, vision is simply not enough. Vision forces change and change is inconvenient.

The reality for those of us who are serious about leaning into our callings and finishing well need to get up close and personal with inconvenience.

I am now much more dedicated to helping my clients identify key changes they must make in order for them to go to the top of the mountain they are climbing.

It is important that they embrace the reality that inconvenience is the pathway they must take.

No inconvenience, no change.  No change, no progress toward vision. This  means that you have a high risk of settling for a life of average and missing out on what God had planned for you.

Ambition. . . . . love it!  See you on the mountain.

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