What Finances Tell us about Our Potential

How Much Money Do You Want To Earn??

How much money did you make last month?

How much money do you give away each month?

Do you have any debt?  If so, how much?

Do you find these questions a bit too personal?…

Money is normally a subject that is off limits for discussion with your friends and family members.  I wonder why?

Why does it bother us when people get a little to nosey about how much we earn, how much we spend, and how we spend it?

Leadership coaching is all about helping people move their stories forward.  The starting place for me is to establish some sort of a baseline by which to measure where someone may need the most help.

One of the areas that I always look at is their ability to earn, and their ability to manage the money they are paid.

This is a touchy subject for most because few are comfortable with the amount they are making, or the amount they are spending!

Many women in Mary Kay have never owned their own business and are new to the discussion of money.  Here are 4 questions that should be answered if you are going to be a small business owner:

• How much money do I want to earn?money blog text 3

• How much money do I want to give away?

• How much money do I need to save?

• And finally: How do I wisely spend the rest?

Take a moment with these questions – maybe even print this blog and write out your answers!

Overspending is a key indicator that a person needs to up their game in the self-leadership department.

Equally revealing is a discussion about how much they think they are worth, as compared to how much they are currently earning.

Our finances tell us so much about ourselves, don’t they?

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