Coaching Question of the Month: Are you Merely Coping?

Life can be tough.  Work can be difficult.  Relationships can be stressful.  On any given week we face all kinds of resistance to our real potential.  June lends itself to regrouping, adjusting, and re-engaging in our God given purposes since it marks the halfway mark of the year.

To help my clients take a fresh look at their 2015 goals, I have asked them to answer and then discuss with me the following:


  • Do you feel you are making progress or merely coping on key projects this year?
  • Are you clear on your God given purpose(s) and do you have clarity of vision?
  • Have you refreshed your “what & who matters most” set of lists?
  • Are you goals set for 3rd and 4th quarters (both personal and professional)?
  • Have you shared those goals with anyone?


These are not necessarily easy questions, but they are very helpful for leaders who want to make a significant contribution with their life and who want to finish well.  I am still haunted by my findings from personal research on life and death; most do not finish well.  So much so, that I have it as one of the driving forces of my coaching philosophy: helping people live and finish well by coaching them on how they can continually move their stories forward.


Merely coping with your life is doable for most.  Making a difference, living according to purpose, arranging your life choice according to a calling and a vision is certainly a road less traveled.


If you are attracted to becoming more purposeful with your life in 2015, then I would encourage you to do the following:

  • Make 3 one hour appointments with yourself during the month of June for personal development time (PDT)–Guilt free, without distraction, and highly intentional.
  • During these appointments work through your answers to the questions above.
  • Set appropriate goals, both in your personal life and in your professional life, that will help you move your story forward in 2015.
  • Review all of the above monthly.  At the end of the remaining quarters quarter in 2015, repeat this process.

Do you want to just survive or do you want to move your story forward?


If you need some coaching, let me know.  I find great joy in helping people just like you move  towards their God given potential.



©2015 Dr. Nathan Baxter, Executive Leadership Coach and founder of

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