Clock is ticking. What are you doing with the time you have left?



Most days, I work hard at living an intentional life and this mindset serves as an undertone in all my coaching.  My clients expect me to be honest with them because they are all leaders and they play to win.  They don’t hire me to make them feel good but because they want to make a difference.  I have learned that they appreciate what have become my signature statements/questions; direct, straight to the point, and pushing for change.

For example, “John, your clock is ticking.  What are you doing with what you have left?  Are you being intentional with people who matter most to you and doing the activities that matter most?”   Most of you who know me know that I come from a Christian perspective and everything I have ever written about leadership has a nod of recognition of my Judeo-Christian ethics.

This morning I re-read about Moses who was aware that his clock was ticking and his death was on the horizon.  With the time he had left he focused on his mission to remind/warn/challenge God’s people to not forget the commandments and opt for their own version of living.  What impressed me was his resolute focus on finishing his assignment knowing that he only had a few sunsets left.

Two books that have impacted me greatly on the subject of intentional living are 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders (Stephen Covey) and The Making of a Leader (Bobby Clinton).  Both of these men bring the reality of limited days on earth front and center for leaders.  Covey uses the phrase “being with the end in mind” and Clinton states that “most leaders do not finish well” and has the research to back it up.  I read both of these books in my late 20’s and they have shaped my own life and now their content has become core to my coaching principles.

If you find yourself in a place of wanting to take a fresh look at being intentional with your life and influence, work on answering some of the questions below.  If you are in a place of being overwhelmed then ignore them and go get a latte.


Finishing Well Focus Questions:

Do I plan to finish my life well?  What does finishing well look like for me?
What has to change if I want to have a chance at finishing well?
Who matters most to me and am I investing in those relationships?
What are my unique abilities, passions, callings, aspirations and am I utilizing them to the fullest?
Am I leading my life or am I managing my life?
Using the average life span statistics, how many days/years do I have left?


I usually try to get my clients to review these type of questions at least twice a year.  From this exercise they are able to adjust their goals and to calendar key events so that they are investing their time wisely.


Life is a gift.  Invest wisely!

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