Be Smart. Focus on what matters most to you.


Be Smart.  Focus on what matters most to you.

What do you think is one of the greatest skills I observe in my most successful clients?

All of them, without exception, have an amazing ability to focus their time, talent, and resources on what matters most to them.

Let’s think about your daily routine for a moment.

Review all of the things that you had to think about since you woke up this morning until right now. I bet you had all sorts of things coming at you that demanded your attention, because you needed to get something done, or you had to make some type of decision.

Every day we are bombarded with all kinds of thoughts, distractions, and people wanting something from us. This is what you would probably call just your normal day. The problem lies with the fact that if you are not careful you never spend much time really focusing on what matters most to you.

Your mind, what’s left of it, is an amazing computer that has the God given ability, to process an amazing amount of information.

Successful people have learned that when they consciously choose to remove from their life and focus their attentions on what matters most, big things happen.

Recently, I was working with a client who battled working in her office (which she didn’t like) because it was cluttered and uninspiring. Because of her demanding schedule, she couldn’t find the time to make changes in her office.

I asked her to set a time of 60 minutes to nothing more than making her office better. Just 60 minutes! But, I also asked her to power down her computer, shut her cell phone off, AND find a time when no one else was around.

We also made sure that she had her favorite music playing in the background.

Guess what?

Change happened – all because she decided to focus on something that really mattered to her; a fun, professional, inviting place to build her career.

What about you? Are you tapping into your amazing ability to focus on what matters most?

Focus – and watch what happens. Focus on change and enjoy the results.

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