Win The Battle of Time

You can’t manage time, no matter how hard you try.  Time just keeps on ticking.

The real secret is to learn how to do a better job of managing yourself so that you focus your mind and your energies on what matters most.

Try the following:

You can’t stop time, but you can pause yourself.

A second suggestion is to use lists. Throughout the week, I list out the following:

WHAT needs to be done today.Time pause - spokenly

WHO I need to contact and WHY.

Once a week I create a list related to “advancing the ball.”  I want to make sure that I do more than just MANAGE my business.  I want to always have a list of activities and relationships that will help me GROW my business.

Taking a proactive approach (versus reactive) towards your work will help you bring focus to the projects that will make the biggest difference.

Try this right now. (That’s why I made this post so short) Take the 60-seconds you would have spent reading a longer post, and PAUSE.

WHAT really matters today?

WHO really matters today?

Write it down. Breathe.

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