Dr. Nathan Baxter

You’re writing your life story, one day at a time.

How will you finish?

How do the best keep getting better?

It’s pretty simple. Most of them have coaches in their corner who are skilled at helping them get un-stuck when they plateau.

They have discovered the power of inviting someone into their life with the resources to keep their stories moving forward

Who is helping you?

My calling is to come alongside leaders like yourself, to help you lead yourself well –  so you can become more effective at leading others.

Are you stuck? Are you as effective as you know you can be? What
parts of your life are not going that well?

“Dr. Baxter’s coaching applies the right pressure to get you unstuck!”

  • Learn how to consistently focus on who & what matters most.
  • Receive clarity on your “hard wiring”  – understanding how to operate in your strengths and avoid stressors.
  • Obtain serious traction towards your next big goal and life purpose.
  • Have someone in your corner who knows how to bring out your best.

My purpose is to help you continually become more successful in all areas of your life.

Although I am able to work with just about anyone, I specialize in working with executives and influential leaders.

It all starts with a simple conversation



Coaching and cooking go together well!


Official Bio:

Dr. Nathan Baxter has been helping people move their stories forward for over twenty years.

He has developed a unique coaching practice – and resources that help people break out of plateaus.

He has the privilege of working with executives from fields as diverse as: manufacturing, real estate,medical, banking, non-profit, direct sales, church, legal, insurance, and energy.

Dr. Baxter has also provided training for leaders around the world including Ukraine, Mali West Africa, South America, India, and Mexico.

As a certified consultant with Birkman International, Lead Self Lead Others also provides personalized leadership coaching using the Birkman Feedback Tool.

Nathan earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Administration from Oklahoma State University, a Master’s of Divinity Degree with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry and Leadership Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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