Every Person Has a Story that’s Being Written

It’s not uncommon to get stuck or “plateau” at certain points in your life or career. Outside perspective is the best way to break through and move forward.

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Be Smart. Focus on what matters most to you.

Posted By on Jul 8, 2015

  Be Smart.  Focus on what matters most to you. What do you think is one of the greatest skills I observe in my most successful clients? All of them, without exception, have an amazing ability to focus their time, talent, and resources on what matters most to them. Let’s think about your daily routine for a moment. Review all of the things that you had to think about since you woke up this morning until right now. I bet you...

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Coaching Question of the Month: Are you Merely Coping?

Posted By on Jun 10, 2015

Life can be tough.  Work can be difficult.  Relationships can be stressful.  On any given week we face all kinds of resistance to our real potential.  June lends itself to regrouping, adjusting, and re-engaging in our God given purposes since it marks the halfway mark of the year. To help my clients take a fresh look at their 2015 goals, I have asked them to answer and then discuss with me the following:   Do you feel you are...

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Check out the May Newsletter

Posted By on May 27, 2015

  In this issue you will find: Dr. Baxter’s latest blog “My Favorite Energizers and Use of Time” Updated list of Our online Self Leadership Resources Pics of several of our newest clients Our Most Requested Leadership Resources Odds & Ends   Click  here to view the full...

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