Every Person Has a Story that’s Being Written

It’s not uncommon to get stuck or “plateau” at certain points in your life or career. Outside perspective is the best way to break through and move forward.

Goal Setting Workshop

Posted By on Nov 19, 2018

Q: Why would you invest your time, effort and finances into a six-month goal setting process? A: Because you have a picture of where you want to be but may lack the perspective and plan to get there. This goal setting process gets you from here to there. Hosted by Lead Self Lead Others Certified Coach Jason Fitch Registration Deadline: January 13, 2019 Register by December 31, 2018 for Early Bird pricing of just $249. Check out the...

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Fall Coaching Success Workshop

Posted By on Sep 10, 2018

Sold out!!! Thank you for the tremendous response. When:  Nov. 8th & 9th, 2018 Where:  Marriott Courtyard, Downtown Tulsa, OK Early Bird Registration ends 10/1/18. For more information click...

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Strategic Planning for Your Organization: What Is It and Why You Want It

Posted By on May 29, 2018

by Jason Fitch, Lead Self Lead Others Certified Leadership and Strategic Planning Coach Your organization does important work.  No, your organization does vital work.  Think of the people you and your organization serve.  Now, imagine how those people would be negatively affected if your organization ceased to exist tomorrow.  Of course, this would never happen, right? Well, you hope not, but hoping is not a strategy, nor will it take...

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